I planned for one night this to be “Breakfast for Dinner.” Growing up, I always loved this. So, I thought, “Why not?” We have eggs, and a meat, and toast all the time. I wanted to spice it up and so I found this Breakfast Casserole (RECIPE). It had all out favorite things in it: bacon, hashbrowns, eggs, cheese. I mean, how could a person go wrong? Well, I made it for dinner, but my daughter and I were the only ones to eat that night, so we just had a little bit of it. The next day, my parents invited us to breakfast, instead I offered to bring over my casserole. It was even better the next day! And it was gone. I’m pretty sure someone licked the pan clean.

Next time, though, I think I’ll use sausage instead of bacon. We are sooooooooo picky about bacon at my house. Sausage? Not so much. 🙂 Enjoy your Brinner!


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