Chicken, Chicken

So, over the last two weeks I have made a couple of delicious chicken recipes.

First: Chicken Casserole. I made it because it seemed like it would keep us fed for a couple days. And it did. my husband even got to take some for lunch. However, when I made it,  it turned out a little dry. I’m not sure why. I added a teaspoon of minced garlic and a cup of mozzarella cheese to the mixture, and I think both added to it. It was yummy, and had a lot of different textures (like the slivered almonds!). However, I think to add to it so it wasn’t dry, next time I’ll add some sour cream or maybe some milk… We will see! Here’s the link the recipe I used: RECIPE

Second, we had BBQ Chicken sandwiches the other night. I made my chicken in the crockpot using this recipe: RECIPE. Who doesn’t love their crockpot? Well if you don’t, we can’t be friends. This recipe was so easy. I through my frozen chicken breasts in and forgot about it until we had the juiciest, best tasting BBQ chicken EVER. I honestly don’t think we will be using another recipe at our house. I think that they type of BBQ sauce you use probably depends on your taste, but I used KC Masterpiece Original Barbeque Sauce. Man, oh man, was it good. My mom used this on some ribs on Mother’s Day (Why was my mom cooking her own dinner on Mother’s Day? We still don’t know…) but those were amazing, too! So, give it a try.

Third, we made Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken at my husband’s request (he is picky). I know I found a recipe somewhere on Pinterest, but I can’t find it. So I’ll just tell you what we did.

  • Get as many chicken breasts as you have people (we did 5)
  • Get some garlic (we used freshed and minced it ourselves, but the pre-minced stuff works fine. Also, we will need as many cloves as you have chicken breasts.)
  • Get some brown sugar (As many tablespoons as chicken breasts)
  • Some oil (olive oil is great, but we used avocado oil

Then this is what we-because it was my mom and I cooking-did:

  1. Saute the garlic in the oil. I didn’t worry about measuring because I knew I was going to add more when I added the sugar. Just enough to get your garlic nice and golden. It doesn’t take too long and smells amazing.
  2. When it’s finished, I added the brown sugar to the pan and stirred it up. Adding oil as I went, until it was thoroughly mixed and a kind of thick slurry consistency.
  3. Place the chicken breasts in a single layer in a greased baking dish, then season with salt and pepper and pour your garlic-brown sugar mixture over the top, a little over each breast evenly.
  4. Bake at 400 for 30-40 min until the center is no longer pink.
  5. ENJOY!

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