Wow. It’s been awhile…

Sorry to say, it’s been awhile since I first got the itch to start writing a blog. I have a lot of catching up to do. Not only did a start a small business and have several more cute little kids to take care of daily, but I also have been meal planning, shopping within budgets, and cooking a lot of delicious grub. SO! With all that said, I’m going to try to make a post a day (or at least every other day.) Get ready for rants, recipes and a whole lot of me!


To pixie or not to pixie. ..?

So. I’ve been having a serious internal debate over whether to cut my hair off in a pixie fashion or not. All the men around me say no. My mom and sister say no. Me? I don’t know.  Here are my Pros: cook for summer, Quick styling (maybe?), out of my face,  off my neck, no pony tails needed… Cons: it’s short, I love playing with hair,  I might look like a boy (I almost never wear make up either), general fear of the growing out process.

I guess I just need opinions.  I need comments. Third party Yes’s and No’s so I can finally come to a decision and stop driving myself crazy and looking at @nothingbutpixies on Instagram.


Messy. Just about shoulder length. No product. A little bit of bangs. This is what a I have to work with.

Help me!

Hello world!

So here I am in all my four-eyed glory. (I was actually really excited about getting new glasses since my oldest daughter broke mine the year and a half ago.) Anyways, I am a stay at home mom. I love to cook and do crafts,  browse pinterest, read,  and play with my two lil joys. I wanted to start a blog to share my experiences, connect,  and hopefully help someone along the way. 🙂 (oh and I’m a big fan of smiley faces. .. so be prepared.)

This is me!
This is me!