Just a quick little blurp.

  1. I love Costco.
  2. Costco has these Ghirardelli Brownies.
  3. 6 packs of chocolatey-melty-gooey goodness.
  4. GET SOME!
    1. You won’t regret it. I just whip up them anytime I need (or feel) like we need dessert.
  5. They don’t last long, so indulge yourself.

That is all! 🙂

Love, a self-aware chocoholic 🙂


What’s on the Menu?

On Tuesday, I had to take my little one to the doctor. Her ear infections are becoming a frequent occurrence. 😦 Not so fun. Poor little thing was up all night. A few more and we might have to consider tubes. But I guess we will cross that bridge when it comes.

Luckily we had leftovers.

But on Wednesday I was looking for something quick, easy, and made of beef. Why beef, you may ask? Well we just got a generous contribution to our freezer from my husband’s wonderful employers. So of course I wanted to use some of it ASAP.

Well, when I think quick and easy, I think Crockpot. I love the crockpot. Sometimes I forget about it though. You know, cause we are trying to be healthier with fresh ingredients and stuff… Anyways, we got a bunch of ground beef. And it just so happened on my meal plan (I’ll post my meal plan for June when it’s ready!), that Sloppy Joes were in order.

So I used this recipe: RECIPE

I followed it as is. (It’s that great!) But it will only feed a small family that way. It only feed myself, my 3 year old, and my husband with no leftovers. So considering family size, you may want to double, or even triple. It also depends if you like Sloppy Joes, because you are going to want A LOT if you do.

We just got some frozen fries and buttered some corn to go with it. I think it’s important to mention the sides, don’t you? I mean, “Yeah. Great. You had Sloppy Joes. But what did you have with them?” Right? I mean that’s what I think half the time I’m reading a recipe. Like, “This sounds amazing! But what the heck are we going to have with it?”

Anyways, with some fries and corn and we were set. YUM! 🙂

What’s on the Menu?

Isn’t there something great about a big ol’ pan of lasagna? I sure think so. We really don’t have an old family recipe for it though. Which is a shame. I think I’ve used like 5 different recipes over the past year that were all good, but not great! I think I finally found one that fits our family’s bill. Yay!

It was so good. My parents even thought so. We just paired it with some buttered canned green beans, and all I heard was chewing. Absolutely NO complaints. Which is saying something. Trust me.

Here’s the recipe I used: RECIPE

I did do a few things different though. (You know I had to make it my own…)

First. I added a few ingredients:

  • 1 egg
  • 2 tsp dry parsley flakes
  • 1 15 oz tub of ricotta cheese

Second. I mixed these ingredients with only 8 oz of cottage cheese. I inserted this mixture wherever it said cottage cheese. It made it delicious!

Third, I used oven ready lasagna noodles. Honestly, who has time to boil noodles? So I cheat a little bit. But you can’t even notice. My noodles were done to perfection. No hard spots at all. Even the top layer of them.

Fourth, (and finally) I only used parmesan cheese on the very top, because that’s all I had on hand. It wasn’t a big deal. Actually I don’t even think anyone noticed. Like I said, it was all just chewing! Which is the sound of dinner success!! 🙂

Oh! and I should add, Until I finally order a new battery charger for my nice camera, I don’t think I’ll be posting too many pictures. My phone just doesn’t do my creations justice. And I want you guys to think my food looks as good as it tastes!

To pixie or not to pixie. ..?

So. I’ve been having a serious internal debate over whether to cut my hair off in a pixie fashion or not. All the men around me say no. My mom and sister say no. Me? I don’t know.  Here are my Pros: cook for summer, Quick styling (maybe?), out of my face,  off my neck, no pony tails needed… Cons: it’s short, I love playing with hair,  I might look like a boy (I almost never wear make up either), general fear of the growing out process.

I guess I just need opinions.  I need comments. Third party Yes’s and No’s so I can finally come to a decision and stop driving myself crazy and looking at @nothingbutpixies on Instagram.


Messy. Just about shoulder length. No product. A little bit of bangs. This is what a I have to work with.

Help me!

Mom’s Day

Mother’s Day! 🙂 I love this holiday.  Today is the day we all celebrate the #1 hardest job ever. I love my munchkins to death. Being a mother is the best thing to every happen to me.  Motherhood is not without its perks. The kisses and snuggles, hugs and smiles make my heart glow. Watching my child accomplish something that they’ve worked hard to do,  is the most rewarding and proud  thing I’ve ever experienced.  It does have its downsides too.

Like a huge crying screaming tantrum in the middle of the library. .. not fun.  Or having the little one attached to your boob in an inconvenient place because she refuses with ever little ounce of her being to take a bottle. But this is my mom motto. “Ya just gotta do it.” Seriously. Don’t complain. Ok I know I do once in awhile,  but that’s my right as a mom. I still do what needs to be done. Whether that’s discipline or praise. Wiping up a yogurt catastrophe or wiping a poopy butt. You do it because you love them. That Playdoh-saster was totally worth the time to clean up. Why?


That is why. You see that smile?  I would do anything for that smile.  I made that smile.  I’m damn proud of that smile.  And that smile will trump any frustration that comes with being a mom.

I also want to give a shout out to my mom.


This beautiful lady is battling cancer,  working full time, cooks,  cleans,  is always up for an adventure, loves a good morning coffee,  and will watch her granddaughters even when she’s exhausted.  She puts up with me going to get house just to use her computer. She’s fine with my munchkins raising her fridge. She spoils them rotten, but teaches them things too. I don’t know if there has been a more amazing woman.  Happy Mother’s Day, Momma. I love you.

I hope everyone will call their mom today, and tell them they love them.  Because that’s the best present us mom’s could EVER get!

What’s on the menu!

Four words. Creamy. Tomato. Spinach. Tortellini. 

How can you not start drooling from the name?? I don’t know. I’m totally full and when I look at this picture, I start salivating. My husband even ate a large portion while he was super tired and cranky, which is saying something. Because usually, in that state he doesn’t eat… (Is this a guy thing? Because when I’m tired and cranky, I HAVE to eat to snap myself out of it. Chocolate also does the trick. Yes, I’m a severe chocoholic.)

So found this recipe on Pinterest. God I love that website. I cannot count the hours I have successfully wasted on it. It’s an addiction. A horrible addiction. BUT it makes my meal planning easy and gives me ideas for my crocheting and home improvements and stuff for my babies and gifts for birthdays and more ideas about home decorating… SEE! Total addiction.


The recipe is from a site: Cooking Classy. I think I have made a few things off of this wonderful website, but I guess this is the first one I didn’t just got straight to the recipe. I actually took the time to respect the work and craftsmanship of the recipe, and the total deliciousness it created. 🙂 (I love smiley faces!)

Here the link to the recipe: RECIPE.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! YUM!!

Hello world!

So here I am in all my four-eyed glory. (I was actually really excited about getting new glasses since my oldest daughter broke mine the year and a half ago.) Anyways, I am a stay at home mom. I love to cook and do crafts,  browse pinterest, read,  and play with my two lil joys. I wanted to start a blog to share my experiences, connect,  and hopefully help someone along the way. 🙂 (oh and I’m a big fan of smiley faces. .. so be prepared.)

This is me!
This is me!